5 Ways To Use Tablets You Never Thought Of


Tablets have become much more than just entertainment devices. They fill in the gap between a smart phone and a computer or a laptop. When laptops are too bulky but a smart phone is too small a tablet is just perfect. But many people don’t realize all the amazing things that tablets can be used for. They can be used for a lot more than just watching videos or surfing social media. Here are five creative ways that you can use your tablet to make life easier and to have more fun:

Back Up Important Documents

The high quality camera on most tablets is perfect for taking great photos of important documents and receipts. Instead of scanning them or making copies you can take photos of them and store them in the Cloud. That way you’ll never lose them. You’ll have access to backup copies of any of the important documents that you need whenever and wherever you need them. Just make sure that your storage is secure so that they are not accessible to anyone else.

Make Your Own Art Studio

Did you know that your tablet can double as a drawing pad and art studio? Not all of them can, but many do have the ability to be transformed into a portable art studio. You can color pages from coloring books or make your own drawings and sketches using a stylus. You can also create stunning mandalas and other dimensional art. You can even keep your own art journal right on your tablet. You can also create multimedia art that uses music, videos, and special lenses to make artistic presentations for school or work.  Check out the many art apps that are available for tablets and start assembling your own personal and portable art studio today.

As A Second Computer Screen

If you do a lot of work on the computer you may have often thought it would be useful to have a second screen. Some people also like to have a second monitor to play video games. And if you need to give presentations at work it can be a lot easier to create great media presentations with a second monitor. You can use your tablet as a second monitor by just plugging it into your desktop or laptop. Whether you’re working on multiple projects at once or just need a second screen to play a game a tablet is a great way to get that extra surface space.

Take Notes

Taking a laptop to a meeting or class is bulky and heavy. But a phone is too small to type on when you’re taking notes. A tablet with a Bluetooth wireless screen is the perfect fit for taking notes on the go. You can type just like you would type on a regular computer. If you have an iPad Pro you can even use a split screen to take notes and insert text or video into your notes.

Remote Control

You will never lose the TV remote again when you use your tablet as a remote. But tablets can control a lot more than just the TV. You can control your smart TV with a tablet and access Netflix and streaming services right from your tablet. You can also set up Smart Home applications to run on a tablet. So you can change the thermostat, lock the doors, or turn the lights on and off from the comfort of your bed or from as far away as the office. It’s easy to set up different things around the house to be controlled remotely on your table.

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Why You Need to Sync All your Devices


It is rare that someone does not have a computer these days. It is even more rare for someone not to have a smart phone. Even iPads and tablets have made themselves into the hands of a huge variety of users. Not only are these devices used in homes, but they are also used largely for business purposes. Restaurants are beginning to take orders and payments on tablets. Resumes can be pulled up in an instant during interviews. Emails can be answered, and material for meetings can be displayed across projectors wirelessly using technology like Airplay. It is only when all your devices are synced that you can use them to their optimum capacity.

Fortunately, there are companies out there that work specifically on making your life easier, and design all of their products with the intention for multi-device integration. One of the leaders in multi-device integration, primarily with the use of iCloud technology, is Apple.

Products and Capabilities


Some of Apple’s most notable products include iMac, the MacBook, both Pro and Air, the Apple Watch, AppleTV, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. All of these devices can be synced to function together and will utilize all apps and capabilities to give the most full benefit possible.

Technology devices often used to stand alone, allowing users to need to transfer data and information manually. This is functional however, being able to store files and information in the cloud, makes it much easier to create technological synergy for a user. Here are some of the primary uses for each of these Apple devices:

iMac: Desktop computer, available in 21.5” and 27” displays.

Macbook/Pro/Air: Primary portable computer, available in 12”, 13” and 15” displays.

Apple Watch: Smart watch. Receives messages and phone calls, tracks heartbeat and steps, gives weather reports, and plays music.

AppleTV: Connects to normal television. AppleTV streams shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu, etc. using a normal Internet connection. AppleTV also allows users to AirPlay from any of their other Apple devices.

iPhone: Original smart phone. Download apps, make calls, and connect to iCloud.

iPod: Mp3 player. Latest versions are touch screen and have lots of memory.

iPad: Tablet that meets iPhone and desktop computers in the middle.

When syncing multiple electronic devices, there are plenty of variations to make the most of all the devices in the system. Initially, it is good to determine a ‘home base’. Decide which device will be best as the platform. Usually, a desktop (iMac in this case) or a MacBook Pro would be best for this. This device can be used to set up various accounts including email address, Apple ID, etc.

Once all accounts are set up from the ‘home base’ device, these same accounts can be used on all devices. This will create a ‘bookmark’ type of effect. Wherever you leave off in one app on one device, you will be able to pick up where you left off on any other.

These functionsare especially useful in a variety of settings. If preparing for important meetings, for example, when slideshows need to be created. Often these slideshows will be made using PowerPoint on a desktop computer, but often times, users in the meeting may want to see it on their iPads. Apple gives users options. Either the slideshow can be displayed on a projector using AirPlay, or transferring these files on the spot is seamless with a simple email from iCloud using any Apple device.

Overall, the functionality of products from Apple continues to expand. There are new updates every day that help create a better user experience. For more help and discussion about Apple devices visit www.support.Apple.com.

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Periscope is a broadcasting app that is gaining in popularity. Originally created in 2015 by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein, it was created as kind of a ‘video twitter.’ A user, or scoper, records short videos and broadcasts them on the Periscope platform. People are able to comment on the user broadcast and interact. Periscope is different than other applications, in that you broadcast to all people who follow you at once instead of a one on one experience like other applications. Twitter actually purchased Periscope before it was publicly released and continues to manage the application.

People use periscope in many different ways as it is an extremely versatile application. Many people use it to sell their items, by broadcasting the item and description to potential buyers and many will comment wanting to purchase the item. Users are able to tap the video being recorded and add a ‘heart’ to show appreciation to the maker of the video. The person recording the video is able to see the hearts as they are added to the video by watchers.

Viewers are also able to ask questions via text while someone is broadcasting a video so it is super easy for the broadcaster to answer direct questions asked within the video time frame. Many people also use Periscope in business to offer a behind the scenes tour or look at what is happening in the business or company. By giving people an inside view, businesses can use Periscope in this way to help sales and marketing.

Periscope is also used nefariously at some times. Some people have used Periscope to put out copyrighted material via video. This trend really started when people video and live streamed the season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones on Periscope. After that happened, HBO called on Periscope to look at their policies regarding copyright infringement. Periscope has also been used to stream NFL games, Taylor Swift concerts, and MMA fight matches. Periscope is working on helping with this issue and is watching for this kind of activity constantly.

College students are also using Periscope to better help them study. Students can record, save, and broadcast lectures given by professors so they do not miss important material that was discussed in class. They can also share those videos with other students who need to hear a lecture again or were not able to attend class. Periscope is extremely helpful in an educational setting. Students are able to play and replay a video taken to help them fully understand the subject matter discussed.

Periscope does try and combat the troll issue by allowing both posters and viewers to block others on Periscope. If the person videoing blocks a user, they are kicked off that specific thread of videos and are no longer able to see the user. If enough people block a poster, the poster will get kicked off Periscope. That takes care of the issues of bullying and trolling. It is a good thing that Periscope offers to protect their users from unwanted content.

Periscope is an awesome app used by many different types of people. A lot of people rely on Periscope to broadcast what is happening in their daily lives. It is fun to connect with family and friends far away via Periscope. With Periscope you can see the person broadcasting the video and interact with them instead of relying solely on a telephone conversation or a text message. It is a better way to stay connected with people because you are able to see the face of the broadcaster and connect on a more personal level than just conversation. I use and will continue to use Periscope to stay connected.

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Keeping Your Child Safe While Playing with Electronic and Smart Toys

Keeping Your Child Safe While Playing with Electronic and Smart Toys.jpg

Technology has redefined many things in life including the way children play. The play things and toys are consistently being improved and innovated to accommodate the ‘new age’ requirements. The toys are becoming better, more flexible, more adaptable and smarter with time. As much as it helps the children play and grow in many ways.There are dangers that can be associated with their use and operation which if not put into mind, they may be dangerous to the user and the society at large. Safety comes up in many ways. It may be in the physical, emotional and even psychological effect a child may be exposed to with the use of the toy. A few things though can help us keep our children safe to a great extent.

Parents and guardians should properly assemble the toys for the children if they are bought unassembled. This means they should very carefully read the assembling instructions and follow them to the letter. They should also try it out to see if they are working well before they give them to the children. Some of the toys like drones can be very sensitive on the proper placement of the rotors as they are dependent on them for balance and steering. A little wrong balancing may make the drone not have the correct flight path. This may be dangerous to the child as it may cause physical harm or even destroy property. The best alternative is to get an already assembled toy. This is a better idea because they come ready for play. Proper assembly also means that one will not leave small parts like screws as the children may swallow them or step on them and be injured.

Get the right toys for the right age. Some toys may be too advanced for younger minds and need one to be of a certain age to easily control them. Those toys that may need smart phones to control or Virtual Reality goggles may not be good for very young children. This is because they are still developing and exposing them to the goggles and anything that they are exposed to for a long period may affect their eyes and even lead to blindness if care is not taken. The adults should be in charge and decide when the child can play with a certain toy to minimize any possible risk that may accrue from continuous use. It is also to the advantage of the buyer to know exactly what a toy is supposed to help the child do. Some toys can be used wrongly ending up with unpleasant consequences.

It is advisable to help the child practice using some toys before allowing them to go alone with them. Drones and toy helicopters may be the rage of many adventurous children with a passion to flying. They may be the closest one may get to real airplanes for many children. As much as it may be fun for them to try out these toy planes, the guardians or adults should know how to use the toys themselves or get a trainer to come and train with the children on how to use them before allowing them to use alone. This is so because if anything is missed in the controls, the children can be hurt. Also, if there is any protective gear to be used for instance helmets, the guardians should make sure they are available and in place before the practice or the use of the toy commences.

There is a lot one may need to do to keep users safe but even more importantly, we must be ready for the psychological and mental impact the seemingly simple toys can have on the children. A keen observation of behavior patterns of the children especially when playing with intelligent ‘toys’ like the digital assistants can be of great service to a parent.

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The 3 Best Tablet Manufacturers

The 3 Best Tablet Manufacturers.jpg

There are lots of different manufacturers of tablets. These devices have slowly been taking the place of laptops in the electronics market, and for good reason. They are lighter, more mobile, and easier to place in a briefcase. Although they don’t have the processing power or the display size that laptops have, there are plenty of great features that make these devices better – in many cases – than laptops.

But there are only so many great tablets out there. The market is new, and though there are now multiple manufacturers producing the product, there are still not near as many as those that produce desktops or laptop computers. However, there are a few tablet makers that are especially great, and they can be split into three categories: Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft.

Three Top Tablet Makers


Amazon’s Fire tablet series is the best for those on a budget. The other two manufacturers on the list make tablets that cost nearly $1000, but the tablets from Amazon are much cheaper and affordable. Though they don’t possess the quality of cameras or processors that the other tablets do, they do just fine if someone is wanting to use their tablet for apps, reading eBooks, and watching shows on Netflix.

There are also several different sizes of Amazon’s Fire tablet series, and each one comes with choices in the memory department so that the shopper can get the one that best fits their needs. There’s also a Kids model for parents that are wanting to get their child a tablet that doesn’t have the intense processing, graphics, and camera like the iPad does, all of which make it so expensive.


If anyone deserves credit for the tablet, at least what we think of today as a tablet, it really ought to be Apple. Apple released their first iPad in 2010. Although there were other similar devices released, like the IBM ThinkPad in the 90’s, it and other devices simply weren’t capable of what the iPad and other top tablets of today’s market are capable of.

After the release of the original iPad in 2010, Apple has continued to make more great tablet devices. The latest is known simply as the iPad Pro, and is one of the fastest, lightest, and most powerful tablets out there. Apple’s iPad tablets are some of the leaders in the industry when it comes to graphics, processing, and even the cameras that they put on the devices that can be used to Skype or FaceTime.


The Microsoft Surface is my personal favorite tablet. It was advertised as the “tablet that can replace your laptop,” and that’s basically what it’s done for me. The newest Surface is the Surface Pro 4, but there are lots of other Microsoft Surfaces out there, like the Surface 3, that are also very good.

The first Surface was released in October of 2012. Since then there have been lots of models, each of which has done their part to solidify Microsoft as one of the best tablet makers in today’s electronic market. I use my Surface 3 for all sorts of tasks, from work, to school, to Netflix and entertainment purposes. It’s been one of the best devices I’ve purchased recently.

There are obviously other companies out there that make tablets. Samsung Galaxy has the Tab 4, and there are even tablets by companies like NuVision and ASUS. But at the end of the day, those aren’t the tablets that are influencing the market the most. Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft (though not necessarily in that order) are making some of the best tablets out there. That’s why they’re on the list.

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The Best Electronics for a Long Flight


There are some really long flights out there, and even for those that love to travel, there’s nothing worse than being stuck on an airplane with nothing to do. Those who are looking for a way to stay entertained during the flight aren’t alone. There are stores inside most airports devoted to making sure that the passengers on board a commercial airliner don’t spend a minute more bored than they ought to be.

Still, the best plan of action is to plan ahead. Many people are looking for more toys and gadgets to bring with them on a plane. There are lots of great electronics out there that are mobile and can be easily transported onto a plane. Some are expensive, but those who can afford to spend a little extra will never have to be bored on a plane again. And there are also great options out there for those that are on a budget.

The Top Gadgets for Riding a Plane

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

One of the biggest inconveniences on an airplane, besides the lack of legroom, is the incredible amount of sound that is generated by the engines of the plane. It can get loud inside the cabin, especially for those who are sitting closer to the engine.

One of the best ways for people to get rid of the noise that comes from riding on a commercial airliner is by purchasing a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Bose makes one of the nicer pairs, which can be purchased on Amazon. They are rather expensive, but well worth the purchase.

A New Tablet

1Some of the newer tablets also make excellent additions to any plane ride. Those that are looking into finding something to bring on a plane that can help them kill the time would find it in a tablet. The thing with tablets is that they can be used for just about anything. The Microsoft Surface 4 Pro and the iPad Pro are both excellent choices if someone is looking for a tablet.

The great thing about tablets is that they can be used for business purposes, or for entertainment for things like watching movies, listening to music, or playing games. If you know that a trip is coming up sometime soon, it would be a great idea to check the iTunes store to see what the movie of the week is, the movie that iTunes is letting people rent for just 99 cents.

Tablets are also great for reading. Books or audiobooks can be downloaded using a variety of apps, ensuring that those who prefer the intellectual side of things, or just a great classic novel, will have something to hold their attention as well.


When all else fails, having a great phone is another way to stay entertained on a flight. There are lots of people today who are making lots of claims about which smartphone is better. That really doesn’t matter. The point is that these devices can be used to download movies and other media so that someone on a place will have something to do even if they don’t have a tablet or a laptop.

The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is coming out on March 3, 2017, and it’s going to be one of the most exciting things to hit the console market in a while. It’s compact and mobile, so users will be able to bring it on planes if they want to. Chances are, we might end up seeing the Switch on a plane or two.

Each of these devices would make a great companion to someone who is getting ready to go on a long flight, no matter where they’re going!

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Best Apps for iPhone


Anyone with the smartphone made by Apple knows how much fun these little gadgets can be. They have more than enough memory and processing speed to run a host of apps, from games to camera editing to navigation apps, there are a host of apps available on iOS to help users with whatever it is they need help with.

From Words with Friends to Pokemon Go, there are a variety of games available for anyone who is wanting to spend some time on their iPhone and needs to kill a little time. One of the best ways to find games is through the App Store, where games are listed by rating and popularity. But there are more apps in the App Store than just games. Many have real uses in the modern world, and bring an entirely new level of intuition to the iPhone.

Top Apps on iOS

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is one of the most entertaining games on iOS. Of course, it’s as simple as a regular game of Scrabble, but those who are looking for a game they can play with their friends and family. It’s a great game to enjoy during the holidays when there are lots of family around. But Words with Friends is great for any occasion. Users can play with their friends or do a quick match and get paired with someone new for a little extra challenge.


Waze is the future of navigation. It’s one of the best ways to get around town or go on a week-long road trip. Waze connects a driver with other users of the app, who post alerts so that drivers will be aware of potential hazards on the road. Drivers can post an alert if there are police posted in a speed trap somewhere.  Waze is one of the most popular navigation apps out there right now, and for good reason.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

“If you can imagine it, you can build it.” There are lots of people who have been enamored with the thrills of Minecraft. It’s been a phenomenon recently, especially among young gamers with big imaginations. This app brings the world of Minecraft to the iOS, and every iPhone or iPad with someone behind it with a love for the game of Minecraft.


This one may be able to go without saying, but one of the best apps available on the iPhone or iPad is the Netflix app. Recently Netflix gave its users the ability to download their favorite shows or movies and take them with them on the go. From Arrow to Flash, there are a bunch of Netflix original shows only available through the video app, making it well worth the investment.


The biggest online store is available for the pocket of every iPhone owner. With a prime membership, there are countless items available for free 2-day shipping. Many of the users who shop online have turned to their Amazon membership, and are using the app to find great deals on all of their favorite merchandise.


Spotify is one of the best music streaming apps out there. Today users can subscribe to premium and download their favorite songs, which can be organized into playlists and downloaded on-the-go. Apple Music is another great option for music streaming, but Spotify is still one of the most popular.

There are lots of great apps available for the iPhone, a few of them are listed here. There are others out there, and the only way to discover more is to keep trying out apps on the App Store. So happy downloading!

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The Best Music Streaming Services


Finding the right streaming service is extremely important for many people. Many people buy every song they want, and while that’s definitely a great way to support a musician, it’s not always the most economical way to listen to music. Music streaming has come a long way in recent years, from the days where Napster brought the idea into the world. But today there’s a better way to do it, and there are lots of great streaming services out there to choose from.

Each of these great streaming services has an app or a way that it can be listened to through a mobile device. That way the user can listen to their favorite tunes in the car and on-the-go. Whether someone prefers Spotify, Apple Music, or even Amazon Prime Music, there a variety of music streaming services to choose from these days.

The Top Music Streaming Choices


Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services out there right now. It is $9.99 a month for most subscribers, but for students it’s only $4.99 a month. Those who are searching for a great music app will find it with Spotify. It works great with iOS and Android, and most of the popular artists are on there, besides Taylor Swift, that is. Overall, it’s a great service that allows users to organize their favorite music into playlists and decide what music they want to listen to for any occasion.

Apple Music

Apple now offers more than just iTunes. It’s another great service that offers a free 3-month subscription for first time users. Apple fans and iPhone users that have been using iTunes really ought to give Apple Music a try. Some celebs even post playlists to Apple Music, like Chance the Rapper’s recent Bath Time playlist. Apple Music costs $9.99 per month, and just $14.99 a month for a family subscription, which is a great deal that gets up to six people onto the service for one monthly fee.

Google Play

Google Play has been around for about five years. Google Play, like Spotify and Apple Music, has an app where it allows users to download their music if they are subscribed to its premium option, which also runs at about $9.99 a month. Google Play is a great option for both iOS and Android listeners.


This is the music streaming service owned by Jay-Z. Its main benefit is high-quality audio that its users get to listen to. One of the cool things about TIDAL is that it’s the only artist-owned music streaming service. Along with Jay-Z there are a variety of other musicians that own some percentage of the company. Subscriptions to the premium service cost $9.99, but for the HiFi service with lossless, high-fidelity audio, it’s going to run at $19.99 a month.


Pandora is different, because it’s more of a radio service than a streaming service where music is downloaded or streamed on a mobile device. The great thing about Pandora is that its free, with the occasional commercial, and it tailors to the music preference of every listener. It pays close attention to the music choices of its users, and then does its best to determine other songs they would like. A new benefit of Pandora is that a $4.99 per month subscription does allow users to listen to music offline.

Whatever music a person prefers to listen to, there is bound to be a music streaming service that fits their needs and budget. These services allow music lovers to listen to all of their favorite artists offline and on their iPhone or Android device, meaning they’re never far from their music.

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Electronic Gift Ideas for Her

Finding the right gift for a wife or girlfriend is never easy, every guy knows that. Flowers or jewelry are never a bad choice, but those who are working on finding a gift for their special someone are in luck, because in this modern day there are lots of gift ideas besides a rose or ring. Consumer electronics make up some of the best gift ideas, even for a special lady.

The good news for men is that there are great resources online for finding the right electronic gift idea for a woman. Most women aren’t going to be thrilled about getting an Xbox for Christmas, but there are other gift ideas that can make a lady happy.

Top Electronic Gift Ideas for a Lady

Aura Smart Digital Picture Frame

Every lady loves a nice picture. This frame from Aura delivers on many counts. First off, it doesn’t work with Android, which is a downer, but iOS (iPhone) users will be able to enjoy all of its benefits. The great thing about this digital picture frame is that it can be given to family members around the world, and the gift giver can then send them the photos that show up on the frame, making it great for a mother or other relative who isn’t the most proficient with technology.

Kindle eBooks

Giving the gift of a Kindle eBook is perfect for gift lovers that can access the Kindle through a mobile device. The Kindle app is available for smartphones, and with it users are able to access the giant library of books available from Kindle. These books can be given as a gift, and an Amazon gift card is able to be used to purchase eBooks as well. For the wife or mother who loves a good read, this is one of the best gift ideas out there.

Amazon Echo

Think Siri stuck inside a speaker. This electronic gadget from Amazon is one of the coolest things to come out lately. It’s a portable speaker that responds to voice commands, making it a great choice for someone that are wanting a little music around the house. With the compatible WeMo device, the Echo is even able to control the lights and thermostats of a home. It can play music from Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Apple Music, and more. It’s received great ratings and is available for less than $150 from Amazon.

Uber Gift Cards

Everyone loves a free ride. Giving the gift of a free Uber pick-up is one of the best gift ideas. For a special someone who lives in a city and is without a car, an Uber gift card is one of the most creative ideas. For this to work it helps if she already uses Uber frequently so she’s already familiar with it. Bu even if she’s not, the gift of a few free Uber rides is a great idea. Uber gift cards can be found here.

Fire HD Tablet

This tablet from Amazon is a great alternative to an iPad. It’s just $200 on Amazon, and is one of the best tablets out there. Alexa can help as the “Siri” of Amazon, and the Amazon Underground has thousands of apps that users can download to enhance their experience on the Fire HD Tablet. All of which make this a great gift idea for the woman that’s into electronics.

With these great gift choices, men should be in luck when they’re gift shopping for a special lady in their life. Whether it’s their mom, wife, or their sister, any of these gifts would make a woman’s day.